« Jessica » comes from the Hebrew « Yishah », which means « Yahweh looks ». And Jessica, it is the world she looks at with her eyes of heartist, contraction of heart and artist, to transcribe it through painting, photography, video and writing.

World citizen, Jessica was born in 1989 in a multi-cultural environment, both in her family unit and in her hometown, with an innate thirst for learning, understanding and creation.

Winner of Explorator-Reporter by Village Monde in 2018 and Exploratrice en Terres Solidaires in 2017, she is also a winner of the 2017-2018 Photographer Portrait Program at the Maison de la Photo de Montréal and joined the Hans Lucas studio in 2018. With her place already carved out in Montreal, the boiling designer has set foot on each of the continents and does not intend to stop there.



After more than twenty years of painting different styles, from figurative to abstract, on different supports, from fabric to wood, my current research focuses on the union of visual and auditory senses.

There is a deep relationship between music and painting. Music, an immaterial art, transports colors and forms for me, which I then transcribe into painting, a material art. In order to keep this immateriality of music but to free myself from the constraints of time and duration at my disposal, I paint abstract art. Thus my research focuses on rhythm, repetition of color tone, movement, etc., which will define a composition of immaterial forms and colors that act on our deep consciousness.

Notes expressed in color and abstract forms not borrowed from nature, give rise to a contemplation that provokes a deep vibration of the soul. See and show the sounds in color, transpose the music onto a canvas, using mixed techniques (acrylic, watercolor, oil, resin) and different tools (brush, stick, syringe) by applications as varied as my musical inspirations (application, drips, projections), the choreography of my gesture inscribes my action in harmony with the sounds, on square supports recalling the format of vinyl covers.


After university studies in human and social sciences specialized in psychology, it is with a camera that I chose to apprehend the world.

Natural-born discreet and social observer, where an animist sees a soul in everything, I see aestheticism and harmony in everything. My research thus focuses on the current society, on the human being, his mechanisms of organization and adaptation, always keeping a link with what differentiates him from any other living species, art, and therefore his creative capacity.

Influenced by street photography, I develop my digital photographs by highlighting the aesthetics already present through digital processes accentuating contrasts, generally in black and white, or slightly saturated, as part of an author’s approach while belonging to the current of documentary photography.

When it comes to video, inspired by arts cinema and Wes Anderson’s aesthetics, I prefer instinctive shots that are not replayed, edited in a slow and contemplative rhythm, accompanied by a natural or minimalist soundtrack.

Auto-portrait, Montréal © 2017, Jessica VALOISE