Creativity workshops: Journey inside yourself through intuitive painting to music

Intuitive painting Montreal


Intuitive painting workshops are places of free creation where interest is not the result, but the creative process as an end in itself.

During these workshops, you are led to let go and create spontaneously, without thinking, without trying to draw precise shapes: you will trust your body rather than your brain. This technique allows you to enter this particular area that I like to call « meditation through creation », this moment of emptiness where, freed from any pressure, we let ourselves be crossed by information from elsewhere that reconnects us to our interior. Each workshop is guided by an artist’s album, mainly hip-hop, independent and underground.

These workshops are open to everyone, from 7 to 77 years old, in an undifferentiated way: you don’t need to be an artist to create, no talent is required.


  • 30 minutes: We introduce ourselves to each other, then I introduce you to a local artist and his album that will inspire us during the workshop. We put ourselves in the necessary and favourable conditions for free creation with a short guided meditation.
  • 1 hour: I launch the chosen album and you paint intuitively, following your emotions of the moment, your heart, your body, the music. I will be there to guide you through the session.
  • 30 minutes: We share our feelings, we take our creation or not, we leave with the artist’s album (depending on availability).


Possibility of individual coaching sessions. Contact-me.

« It was an amazing experience to start my day with a meditation, a cup of tea and lots of colors … Jessica offers an inspiring atmosphere! Thank you so much! » Nicole


« We had such a great experience with Jessica. It was the first full day of our trip to Montreal from the States and our first venture out into town. We arrived at her studio in The Plateau and she greeted us with warm smiles and a lovely space. She offered us tea and water. She invited us to sit around a creative space (like a picnic for artists) and we introduced ourselves. She said she was from France and her English was not to great, but I disagree, it was quite lovely. After our introductions we did a ten minute relaxing meditation. (It was really beautiful with all of the sounds and the rain from outside) Then she directed us to draw one by one, each picking a word, just to get into the flow. After that nice exercise, we started painting. She chose a local artist to listen to it was a local musician (quite amazing) we painted with watercolor and just watched our paintings evolve with the music. I have to say we all come from different artistic backgrounds, her being a current visual artist, my wife loves being creative but not an artist and myself, I want to get back into painting. I could tell we all loved it and got a lot out of this beautiful experience. This set the tone for our trip. Montreal is beautiful and so was this experience. Now we can look at our paintings and remember this experience we had with her!!! Thank you for allowing us to come into your home so peacefully and leaving feeling creative and refreshed. » Kathryn

« A truly great experience. A great way to start your day in Montreal. Jessica creates a peaceful, spiritual mood which sets a wonderful creative environment. Jessica is very supportive and nurturing throughout the entire process. Rather than instruct, she sets the mood. although I still paint like I am 4 years old, I will frame my watercolor and remember it fondly of a great day. I would strongly recommend this to anyone looking to « hit the reset button » and just take a break. » Mike